New York Election Results: Obama Projected Winner for NY Electoral Votes


The pressing issue for New Yorkers right now is not who their ballot pick will be — its whether or not their polling stations will be open so they can cast their votes. Clearly, for New Yorkers, voting is not the number one thing on their minds.

After Sandy shook the state of New York at its core last week, recovery efforts have been under way. Unfortunately, a lot of issues still need to be resolved. Many families have been dislocated, the gas shortage, and the lack of electricity may all become contributing factors to low voter turn out.

Some news sources are even reporting that polls may stay open for two days. The board of elections in new york is preparing shuttle buses and remaining optimistic that polling sites will have electricity tomorrow. If not, the board is considering keeping polls open longer to allow residents to cast their votes.

I have two concerns for election day: Will New York residents put aside their troubles so they can go out and vote? Even if New York has a decent voter turnout, does it really matter in this blue state?

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UPDATE 9:17PM: Polls officially closed in New York at 9PM. As expected, the media is buzzing that Obama is the projected winner of the electoral votes in NY.

UPDATE 9PM: Empire state building is tracking electoral votes:

UPDATE 8:50PM: Some pretty cool things going around on the #elections2012 hashtag. #WiseWords

UPDATE 8:40PM: The 2012 Campaign in two minutes

UPDATE 8:30PM: Politico reports that  55% of Americans said Obama's response to Sandy was a minor factor in their vote or wasn’t a factor at all. Read more here.

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STAY TUNED... NY polls close at 9pm tonight.

UPDATE 6:27PM: Many voting sights in New York are bragging about long lines. Its great to see that despite the damage caused by #Sandy many people are participating and making their voices heard. #NYrocks

UPDATE 2:22PM: Anyone who thinks they should not get out and vote --- your excuse sucks. (click the link & share with anyone who makes an excuse not to go out and vote!)


UPDATE 12:27PM: Monday night, Governer Cuomo announced  that "New Yorkers affected by superstorm Sandy will be allowed to vote in Tuesday's U.S. election in any polling place by presenting an affidavit." For a list of updated polling sites and more on Governer Cuomo's message from last night, click here.