Nebraska Election Results LIVE: Bob Kerrey Faces Off Against Deb Fischer in Big Battle

The latest polls from Real Clear Politics show Mitt Romney ahead in Nebraska by 13%. Although the state went to John McCain in 2008, voting patterns in the last two decades have indicated that Nebraska is trending Democrat. While the state will most likely go red, it may not be by very large margins.

Nebraska has 5 electoral votes and 3 congressional districts.

All three of Nebraska’s House representatives are Republican and none appear to face significant challengers. The hot race will be to fill the seat vacated by retiring two-term senator, Ben Nelson (D). Nelson will be succeeded either by Bob Kerrey (D) or Deb Fischer (R). reports that the race has gotten tighter in the last few weeks. While Kerrey was behind 10 points among registered voters five weeks ago, he currently is only 3 percentage points behind, according to a World-Herald poll and statewide survey, respectively. 

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