South Dakota Election Results: LIVE Presidential Polls Have Romney Up By 6 Points

South Dakota has been trending Republican since 1992, and is the number 15 most conservative state. It’s no surprise then that South Dakota is polling for Mitt Romney, with the former governor leading by 6%. What's surprising is that he's not leading by more.

South Dakota has 3 electoral votes and 1 congressional district.

South Dakota’s population is so sparse that it only has one congressional district, even after the 2010 census. says the House race is the one to watch. “Two years ago, Kristi Noem was able to ride a strong Republican wave to oust Democrat Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin from South Dakota's only House seat in a very close race. Her first re-election bid will be much easier.” 

This year Noem is facing Democrat Matt Varilek. Since the Senate is so closely divided, this race could have national implications. Whether South Dakota's sole rep goes Democrat or Republican could determine the future of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and other divisive issues.

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