4 Reasons Why Batman Would Vote for Barack Obama

ByCourtney Poles

Batman lives by a personal code; one that often conflicts with the law and order of Gotham City. The reality is, however, Batman and city officials need each other to secure the future of Gotham. It's election day in Gotham. Who is The Bat voting for? Barack Obama. 

Here's why:

The President is visionary...

Wayne Enterprises is always investing money into research and development. This is what keeps Batman on top of his game and will keep the U.S. competitive in years to come. President Obama has laid out a sustainable and balanced approach for encouraging innovation in both the public and private sectors. See President Obama’s vision.

Notable projectMichigan State University's Shockwave Engine Project


A country can literally and figuratively go nowhere without strategic management of its infrastructure. Where would Batman be without the use of his Batcave, the Batmobile, and the Batplane? Batman would want a president who not only addresses current infrastructure needs, but anticipates those of the future. See the President's strategy.

Notable projectLeverage Our Investments Through a National Infrastructure Bank

Civic minded... 

In memory of his father, Bruce Wayne created the Thomas Wayne foundation for medicine and medical help. This foundation gives money for medical breakthroughs, as well as funds and runs many free clinics in Gotham City. Batman wants equal access to healthcare for every citizen. See the President's Affordable Care Act.

Notable project: The State of Ohio


American idealism is challenged by the realities of everyday life. What justice is and what it means can be complicated. Batman sees himself as the Yin to government of Gotham’s Yang. He recognizes politicians and government are corrupt but chooses to put his faith in a few good men, Jim Gordon and (the symbol of) Harvey Dent. Batman understands that idealism is important in the fight for good and necessary to "keep moving forward." To this end I believe he would support Barack Obama. Barack the Symbol

Batman fights crime on his own but knows that this alone cannot sustain Gotham. He understands that our nation's leader must be visionary, strategic, civic minded and, above all, a symbol. I, like Batman, at times find myself at odds with our Nation’s leaders. Barack Obama isn’t perfect but then again neither were Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent.