Virginia Election Results: LIVE Tim Kaine, Obama Win Critical Swing State


For the presidential election, with 13 Electoral College votes, Virginia and the support of Virginians remains crucial for any White House aspirant. A “swing state,” Virginia was carried by Obama in 2008 and by Bush in 2004 and 2000. As far back as the Revolutionary War to the Civil War and to present day politics, Virginia remains a crucial state when it comes to American politics. 

With the retirement of Senator Jim Webb, Virginia’s Senate seat is up for grabs. The unopposed Democratic nominee, former Governor of Virginia Tim Kaine will be competing with the Republican party nominee Senator George Allen for the seat.

On the ballot, the issue of Eminent domain and State legislatures will be up for a vote. The first measure if passed “would limit instances when private property could be taken for public use” and the passage of second measure would “allow the legislature to delay the start of its veto session by up to one week”. Of the 14 measures in Virginia that have been on the ballot since 2000, all 14 have passed. 

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Tuesday, 11:40am: The presidential elections were largely decided before the official numbers came in from Virginia. Number from the state started with a 49-49 tie, before Romney surged ahead. The gap narrowed down during the latter half of the night, with Obama taking a thin lead towards the end.  The final results were 50.4% to 48.1%, in favor of Obama. The Senatorial race was also tight. For a large part of the night, George Allen was ahead in the polls. As the evening progressed, the gap was narrowed, until Tim Kaine finally overtook George Allen and was eventually declared the winner with 52.1% of the votes compared to George Allen’s 47.9%. In short, as goes the nation, so goes Virginia.

OBAMA WINS A SECOND TERM. Forward and onward. 

11:08pm: TIM KAINE WINS in VIRGINIA. That's called coming from behind

10:42pm: With 85% reporting, for the first time tonight, Tim Kaine takes a lead and is ahead 50.7% to 49.3% Notice the map on your right and how little the % area is (D)


10:39pm: The final stretch for Obama in VA

10:11pm: Both the Presidential and Senate race in VA are getting much tighter with a 75% reporting

9:49pm: A more detailed update on Virginia by county

9:44pm: A shout out to all the voters in Virginia still in line and "standing" up for your rights

9:40pm: @caitlinhowarth: Local NBC news is reporting that Virginians may be voting until 11pm tonight due to long lines. Voters who got in line by 7pm (closing) can stay in line and vote; campaigns are urgently texting voters to tell them to stay in line and cast their ballots. 

9:35pm: Changing times. It's no 2008 for Obama in Chesapeake. This after withdrawal in Iraq and drawdown and 2014 withdrawal in Afghanistan

9:31pm: Florida tied at 50-50. Get some popcorn and brace yourself for a long night

9:24pm: Keep your eyes on the Senate race. It's getting tighter and tighter. Allen's lead has narrowed to 51% and support for Kaine rises to 49%. It could still go either way.




9:00pm: With 40% reporting, Romney is extending his lead in Virginia. Its 54-44%, Romney. 



8:46pm: Allen still leading Kaine 53-47%

8:43pm: With 31% of the votes in, Romney still leading Obama, 55-43%

8:39pm: Some good news for Obama

8:32pm: In Virginia, Romney up 56%-42%

8:29pm: It's been a long hard election. Even Rove realizes that:

8:26pm: Times breakdown of VA numbers

8:21pm: Allen (R) leading 52-48


8:20pm: "for the past decade at least, as goes Fairfax Villa so goes Virginia. The precinct has picked the winner in all of the biggest statewide races, and has voted within a percentage point and a half in the three biggest"-- Washington Examiner


8:14pm: Latest numbers: G. Allen -- 53% and T. Kaine --  47%

8:05pm: In Virginia, latest numbers put Romney at 59% and Obama at 41%. Not looking too good for Obama supporters. If you're an Obama supporter in Virginia and did not vote, you may be thinking...

8:01pm: Exit polls in Virginia show that President Obama leads women by only 5 points.

7:55pm: As you wait for the results, Obama @Bristow this past weekend

7:52pm: Virginia result delay as reported @ Washington Post

7: 50pm: The Daily Beast explains why Virginia is so critical

"Virginia’s 13 electoral votes are vital, but its chief asset for our purposes is that the polls close there at 7 p.m. President Obama took the commonwealth four years ago, the first Democrat to do so since LBJ, and if he does it again, it’s going to be a long night for Mitt Romney. His path to 270 is more difficult without Virginia, and a loss would signal that Romney is not doing as well in the swing states that will decide the election. The problem is that Virginia is likely to be so close that we won’t know early in the evening which way it will tip."

7:48pm: CNN puts Allen at 57% and Kaine at 43%

7:45pm: Virginia will not be updating until 8:00pm because the lines are still going

7:37pm: Update on the Senate race. As of current Politico numbers, G. Allen (R) leads Tim Kaine (D), 60%-40%

7:33pm: POLITICO's latest numbers put Romney ahead. Truly a "swing state"

7:26pm: Election Protection reports voter issues with long lines and few voting machines. "A caller reported that Liberty University in Lynchburg is handling out ballots at the Heritage Methodist Church polling site that are pre-filled with a vote for Romney". This is how I feel.

7:21pm: Update from POLITICO. This is by NO means official. 


7:15pm: Anderson Cooper says Fairfax county will be crucial

7:12pm: Virginia too close to call


7:01 pm: CNN exit poll projections showing a tie 49% to 49% 

6:48pm: 10 minutes until polls close. Will keep you updated!

6:37pm: Only 18% of millenial voters (18-24 year olds) turned according to exit polls data

6:13pm: Polls in VA close at 7:00pm

6:09pm: Virginia officials say voter turnout may exceed 2008

5:56pm60% of nationwide voters said Economy is the most important issue to them, 17% said Health Care and 16% said Debt --CNN polls

When asked "Should the 2010 Health Care law be repealed?"

49% of Virginia voters say YES, compared to 46% who say NO

When asked "Who would better handle the economy?"

53% of the Virginia voters said Romney 53%, compared to 45% who said Obama  --CNN polls

11:25am: Michael Cooper in his NY Times article Campagin Over, Voters Take to the Polls:

"At the polling place at the Elk’s Club in Fairfax, Va., outside Washington, D.C., voters braved temperatures in the low 30s to stand in an hourlong line to vote at 7 a.m.".

Jim Rutenberg and Jeff Zeleny in their NY TImes article Clues Could Come Early in State-by-State Battle:

"If Mr. Obama can win Virginia, a battleground with an early poll-closing time, Mr. Romney’s options for getting an Electoral College majority will be substantially reduced".