What are porgs? The new ‘Star Wars’ trailer just gave us its first viral meme


The new Star Wars Episode VIII trailer has arrived, and it’s the most extensive look we’ve seen yet of the film. Luke Skywalker is cowering in fear and Rey is moments away from joining the dark side with Kylo Ren, but none of that matters.

Because mother-lovin’ porgs are in the mix.

Porgs are bird-like creatures in the Star Wars universe that initially made their debut back in July. They live on the planet Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker is hiding and Rey has escaped to for her training. They’re penguin-like, except porgs can fly.

Everyone’s favorite porg may be ready to mobilize for war, but over in this galaxy, the internet is buzzing with excitement over its trailer debut.

There are even some interesting theories surrounding Star Wars’ new furry animal, like how well do they hold up in battle.

And naturally, Star Wars is already selling merch. You can literally go buy a plush porg right now at places like Target and Best Buy.

Cute as a button. For what it’s worth, baby porgs are known as porglets.

We’ll likely have to wait for Episode VIII’s Christmas release date before we know more about Star War’s little monsters. With the record-breaking Episode VII behind it, Disney’s Star Wars has plenty of hype fueling this release later this year. Until then, let us all indulge in the tiny amount of time we get with the little fuzzy penguin. All while secretly praying we had our own white walker-looking ice wolf.