IOS 11.1 will bring 69 new emojis to your iPhone


It’s official: iPhone users will soon have lots of new emojis to play with — 69 different images, to be precise. We first heard about the assortment of new faces, foods and animals back in July, and now, with the iOS 11.1 update, they’ll be rolling out in late October or early November (or sooner, if you have the beta).

So which ones do you need to know about ASAP? What will make the “frequently used” shortlist in no time? In no particular order, here are our top picks. Tell all your friends — the “shh” face is going to be a game-changer.

1. Face With Monocle


The thinking face emoji entered the internet lexicon quickly; it’s an efficient way to say, with as much sarcasm as possible, “Whoa, that really makes you think.” Now there’s something even better: the ultra-pretentious Face With Monocle, which is great anytime you’re trying to get to the bottom of something, like when your friend texts you a strange photo with no context or when you receive a rude message and genuinely want to know who the hell they think they’re talking to.

2. Person With Headscarf

Apple/The Independent

The hijab-wearing woman finally comes to iPhone emoji. Much like the skin tone update, Person With Headscarf (as she’s officially called) offers another option for iPhone users who want to see themselves reflected accurately in their emojis. Like most people-based emoji, the hijab-wearer also comes in different skin colors, bringing us one step closer to proper inclusivity.

3. Woman Zombie/Man Zombie


It’s early, it’s Sunday and you had a little too much fun last night. Whether you’re tired, hungover or both, zombie boy and zombie girl perfectly encapsulate your uselessness for the next few hours. It’s a way of saying to friends, “Can’t meet up; I’m barely alive.”

4. Broccoli


When it comes to vegetable emoji in iOS, the new broccoli emoji smokes the competition. We predict the popularity of this emoji being very high.

If you’re still not getting it, we’ll let DRAM explain the importance of this “food.”

5. Woman Genie/Man Genie


Genies are known for granting one’s deepest desires. With this in mind, the genie should only be used sarcastically. For those times when someone you know is on the cusp of saying something rude, you can fire back with a smug folded-arm genie — as if to say, “I really wish you would.”

6. Adult (genderless)


Another win for inclusivity. For folks who are gender-nonconforming, Apple is including multiple genderless options in this round of emoji updates. Along with the one above, there’s a younger and senior-age gender-neutral emoji.

7. Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth


Maybe you want to curse somebody out, but the middle finger emoji is simply too vulgar. Emojipedia names this one Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth for a reason: It’s basically a muffled scream into the abyss. The censored emoji lets you perfectly express your rage while letting you keep your PG-13 rating.

8. Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips


Noteworthy. Effective. Terrifying. The new “shh” face looks like an emoji that’s keeping a secret that you definitely don’t want to hear. If the Chucky doll could text, its messages would end in these. If the clown from It had an iPhone, his messages would be only the “shh” face. Use this emoji if you must, but just know the recipient will assume it was sent from beneath a sewer gutter somewhere.

9. Bearded Person


We all want to see ourselves represented in emoji, and that includes bearded men. Previous facial hair options were limited to non-hipster looks, but that changes with iOS 11.1, hopefully in time for No Shave November.

10. Face With Open Mouth Vomiting


The vomit mouth is the perfect response to every godawful piece of news to come out of 2017. Hold on tight to that paper bag — we still have two and a half more months to go.