Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama Today


Today is Election Day. You should vote to re-elect President Obama today if you believe the following:

1) Obama is serious about reducing government spending.

2) Raising taxes on "millionaires and billionaires," i.e. those making more than $250,000, will create more jobs and economic prosperity.

3) Bloated, failing companies should be bailed out at tax payer expense.

4) We should continue to prosecute the war on drugs, tossing marijuana users into federal prison.

5) Passing a budget really isn’t all that important.

6) Religious entities, including Catholic hospitals and schools, should be forced to provide their employees with birth control pills free of charge, even though this runs contrary to deeply held religious convictions.

7) More government spending is the key to economic prosperity.

8) The push for green jobs has been a ringing success.

9) Deciding not to buy a good or service constitutes interstate commerce, thus subjecting you to federal regulation.

10) The Constitution and rule of law only apply when convenient.