Massachusetts Election Results LIVE: Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown Race for Senate Seat


No matter where you look, Obama is favored to win the electoral votes in Massachusetts. But the Senate Race between challenger Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Scott Brown. Both candidates have campaigned to the final days of the race with strong poll numbers.

Brief Bio of the Candidates

Elizabeth Warren is the former Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an American bankruptcy law expert, Harvard Law School professor, and the Democratic nominee in the 2012 United States Senate election in Massachusetts.

Her selling points are as follows:

1) She was the first head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is suppose to regulate the practices of financial institutions to prevent another meltdown.

2) She oversaw the TARP Program, which ensured that the government bailout money was returned in good order.

3) She's an advocate for the DREAM Act and the President's use of executive privilege to grant amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants.

4) She's a strong supporter of women's rights, especially when it comes to abortion.

Scott Brown is the incumbent Senator from Massachusett, a former national guard , and state representative and senator as well as being the dark horse candidate of the Special Senate Race of 2010.

His selling points are as follows:

1) He's considered the second most bipartisan member of Congress today and a moderat Republican.

2) He voted to end Don't Ask Don't Tell.

3) He supported the METCO Program, "a voluntary program intended to expand educational opportunities, increase diversity, and reduce racial isolation, by permitting students in certain cities to attend public schools in other communities that have agreed to participate."

4) He's a fiscal conservative who believes less government is the best policy.

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12:40PM Senator Scott Brown casts his vote in Wrentham


1:30PM Elizabeth Warren casts her vote in Cambridge


5:30PM Last minute thoughts from Warren and Brown on the campaign trail

The Boston Globe noted several important points from the last minute stops of both Warren and Brown in its Political Intelligence column yesterday.

Point 1: Warren commended the late Senator Kennedy, while standing besides two of his children, Edward M. Kennedy Jr. and former Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, whom have, once again given the Kennedy Family's political endorsement, which wasn't enough to help Martha Coakley, Brown's first Senate opponent from the 2010 Race.

Coakley was lax in her campaigning, in 2010, as she presumed that have the backing of the Kennedy Family was enough on top of being in one of the bluest states in America.

Point 2: Brown cashed in on the 60 Minutes report on the state of gridlock in Congress by emphasizing his role as a bipartisan policymaker in the Senate. Brown noted at a stop at a diner that,  "We had our two leaders, the majority and minority leader down there and neither of them would even look at each other...They were talking over each other. Those are the people who I am trying to deal with down there, folks, the extremes on both sides...And by having me down there in the middle, bridging that gap, bridging that divide, it is what we need down there."

This makes good sense as Massachusetts has a history of voting in centrist Republicans to represent them in Congress. It's also been one of Brown's mainstay tools during the election.

8:03PM First Poll Closed in Massachusetts

The Boston Globe reported that the first polling stations in Massachusetts have closed. However many remain open for voting.

8:20PM Warren shows strong numbers in first precinct in Concord

Elizabeth Warren is showing strong numbers with a 60% to 40% lead over Brown in one of the five precincts in Concord.

8:24PM Brown wins in Southampton

Brown wins Southampton by 311 votes in a tight race in this town's sole precinct.

8:34PM Warren and Obama tied in the popular vote

Brown has won in Gosnold by one vote and by a narrow margin in Sherborn and Wales.

Warren is showing strong numbers in Concord, Quincy, Hadley, and Erving.

8:41PM Brown takes slight lead in popular vote (51% vs 49%)

Several towns across Massachusetts have either been won by Brown or are showing very strong numbers for Brown.

Warren is winning some towns or showing strong numbers in others spread across of the state.

9:08PM Warren takes the lead (51% vs 49%)

9% of precincts have reported in with slight leads for Warren.

9:17PM 15% of votes counted with Warren winning by 2%

Despite strong showing in north and central Massachusetts, Brown is losing. Warren looks lik a winner on thin margins tonight.

9:58PM Prediction: Warren Wins with a 4% margin over Brown

Given the stable poll numbers, Warren will most likely be declared the winner of the 2012 Senate Race in Massachusetts with 40% of precincts reporting in.

10:25PM It's Official: Elizabeth Warren Wins Massachusetts Senate Race

The Associated Press and Boston Globe called Elizabeth Warren the winner of the 2012 MA Senate Race with 53% of the votes.