The iPhone X release is weeks away — but Apple’s new device is already appearing in the wild

The iPhone X release date isn’t until Nov. 3 and pre-orders start Oct. 27. But sightings of the device are suddenly all over social media.

Photos and videos suggest Apple employees and a few select people already own the device. Footage allegedly showing the iPhone X in action — with previously unknown aspects of the device, like new dynamic wallpaper — has also gone viral on Reddit and YouTube.

We’ve rounded up the best footage of the iPhone X so far. Take it with a grain of salt: While much of it is impossible to verify, we can still have fun geeking out.

Alleged footage of the iPhone X

This iPhone X was seen in the wild and posted to Instagram (shown below on JBey4you’s YouTube channel). Here we see what appears to be a wallpaper unavailable on other iPhone units.

These three photos also come to us from an Instagram story post. Reddit user anonymousdave52 brings us the goods.

iPhone X lockscreenanonymousdave52/Reddit
iPhone X homescreenanonymousdave52/Reddit
iPhone X rearanonymousdave52/Reddit

This iPhone X was also allegedly spotted in San Francisco by Reddit user ssrij. Here’s what they saw.

iPhone X frontssrij/Reddit
iPhone X backssrij/Reddit

The crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has something that looks like an iPhone X too. He posted it to his Instagram story, seen here on Facebook. Check it out below.

Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al MaktoumFacebook

Another iPhone X may have been seen at an airport from afar. The full video is here.

iPhone X at an airport@abracadave/Snapchat

Redditor EddiOS42 brings us another look at something that might be the iPhone X, this time with Pokémon Go onscreen. The full image is here. A user called anonymousdave52 brings us a closeup, shown below.

‘Pokémon Go’ on the iPhone Xanonymousdave52/Reddit

And the most famous sighting of the iPhone X yet: the one sliding out of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s pocket. (As cool as that sleek new body looks, consider a case if you want it to last longer.)