Feeling career stress? How to change jobs or recover from a layoff — and find your perfect gig


Here it is: The final episode of the Payoff podcast. And what better way to go out strong than by talking about another huge change everyone goes through at some point? That would be the career pivot.

Whether you want to make a big shift by choice or have lost your job, making a career change can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, alongside the death of a loved one, divorce, moving and major illness or injury. Still, it is worth taking control — and becoming the novelist of your own life story, as one expert the Payoff interviewed suggests. Indeed, there are moves you can make to ease the transition and more comfortably move forward to the next phase of your life and career.

In the first segment of the show, Payoff hosts Chris and Antonia walk through the four crucial steps that everyone should take just after leaving any job.

Then in the second half of the episode, we interview career guru Caroline Ghosn, who herself left a job in management consulting to start Levo, a career network specifically designed to help young people navigate the workforce and their careers.

Ghosn has tons of advice for people on how to find their true passion, as well as pragmatic tips on when to start thinking about a career change if you’re unhappy in your current job.

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