Idaho Election Results: LIVE Presidential Polls Have Romney Up By 36 Points

According to Real Clear Politics polls, Mitt Romney is beating out President Obama 63% to 27% (a 36% spread, for those who don’t like math). Romney is projected to take all four of Idaho’s electoral votes. Idaho, like other mountain west states, is a firmly Republican state, having voted for a Democratic president only once since 1952.

Idaho has 4 electoral votes and 2 congressional districts.

There are no Senate or gubernatorial races in Idaho this year. Rollcall predicts that both House seats will remain Republican. The state’s two time zones (Mountain and Pacific) will mean that polls with close at different times in various regions of the state, but the results are unlikely to have any national surprises.

Major changes this election will occur at the state legislative level. Idaho’s KTVB reminds voters that because of the 2012 redistricting plan, citizens may be casting their ballots in different districts this Tuesday, and may be voting for candidates that once represented another region. 

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