What Time Do Polls Close: In Florida 7 PM, in Colorado 9 PM

On Election Day, the real madness at polling stations begins after the polls close. Everyone wants to know what times the polls close in their state, and in the swing states (which will arguably decide the election) that closing time is even more important.  If you are planning to watch any of the results show, it is important to know when the polls close.

A few of the key swing states to keep an eye on are Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.  Politico, has a nice graph that shows when the polls close across the country. A few of the closing times in swing states are listed below: 

Virginia and Florida: 7:00 p.m. 

These closings times are important for a number of reasons. Since this is going to be a close election, the results from these states play a role as to when a winner can realistically be announced.  Another important role is the release of exit polling data. These exit polls go a long way in helping to understand why a candidate won or lost the race. They also highlight what issue was driving people to the polls; possibly shaping what direction the country goes post-election. If you plan on watching the results, these swing state poll closing times are important.