Where to Vote On Election Day 2012


It’s Election Day in America, and while the candidates and major parties have spent the past year waiting for this day, it will surely catch many Americans by surprise.  At PolicyMic, we have answers to your Election Day questions so that you have the information you need to go out and vote.

Can I vote?

In most states, you must register to vote before Election Day. Not sure if you are a registered voter? You can use this website to check your registration status. If you think you are eligible to vote but are not on your local voter register, you may be eligible to vote by provisional ballot.

Where do I vote?

Polling locations are located in communities throughout the country. The U.S. Election Assistance Commission can help you find your polling place, or simply use Google’s polling place tool to find directions to your polling location complete with a Google Map.

When do polls close?

Each state differs, but most states' close polls at 7 or 8 at night. Check this list to verify the hours of your polling place.  

Do I need an I.D. or any other materials to vote?

Voter requirements differ by state. Some states do require photo identification or proof of residence to vote. Learn about your state’s requirements here.  

Can I get a ride to the polls?

Many organizations offer free rides to polling locations on election day. Souls to the Polls is organizing rides to the polls in Ohio and North Carolina and some Democratic and Republican campaign offices are offering rides to the polls. Check with your local campaign office to see if they are offering this service.

Have more Election Day questions?

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