Election 2012 Results and Exit Polls: LIVE Coverage of Decision 2012


The stakes are high this Election Day. Americans may re-elect the first African-American president. We may elect our first openly gay senator. In as many as three states, we may make marriage possible for same-sex couples. Voter suppression laws and campaign finance laws are being tested. 

Want to avoid "Dewey Defeats Truman" syndrome? Prefer to abstain from trying to sift legitimate and reliable information from the chaos of Twitter? Conscientiously objecting to relying on the parade of talking heads on television?

Here, live coverage of the election will include on-the-spot parsing of exit polls — the questions they ask, the way they ask them, the size of their sample — and real-time selective aggregation of reliable reporting and analysis. 


Stay tuned for updates that will make more sense than those of the usual talking head.

UPDATE - 8:50 PM 

Biggest surprise so far? North Carolina numbers remaining close after 27 percent of vote reporting. 

UPDATE - 9:22 PM

North Carolina starting to turn for Romney with 46.3 percent reporting.