Betsy DeVos dressed up as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween. It’s not going over great.

If you had the pleasure of growing up in the ’90s, then you know about Ms. Frizzle. The fun-loving, adventurous, magical, fashionista fourth-grade teacher was responsible for all the cool stuff that happened on The Magic School Bus, driving her students into miraculous and sometimes very dangerous situations, all in the name of a good education.


She is a queen.


She is a legend.


And to some, a queer icon.

So when Betsy DeVos — America’s current secretary of education, who has already done things such as limiting guidance on how schools should handle sexual assault and rescinding documents that outline rights for students with disabilities — dressed up as the beloved teacher for Halloween, it didn’t go over well.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The internet, in response, issued a unanimous “How dare she?”

Ms. Frizzle is precious to ’90s children. She is the one who first taught us about things like digestion, germs and even how sound works, in a very wacky — but effective — manner. We owe her so much.

And that wig that DeVos has on? Ms. Frizzle would never.