The 5 emotions you’ll go through upon seeing Justin Trudeau dressed up as Clark Kent for Halloween

Good morning you beautiful people, not to ruin your entire day or derail your productivity for the next five hours, but we think you need to see this.

So yesterday was Halloween. Save for Betsy DeVos dressing up as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween (we don’t want to talk about it), our government leaders didn’t dress up. It’s totally cool, they normally don’t. They’ve got bigger, more serious things to worry about.

But we’re here to tell you that while we had to brave DeVos as Frizzle, our fine neighbors to the north were treated to their actual, real prime minister dressing up in a costume we very much appreciate. Yes, that means that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (already a crush for many) dressed up.

For a little background, this is what he looked like in his youth:

Want to know what Trudeau dressed up as? You sure?

He went as Clark Kent, aka Superman.

Complete with glasses, slicked back hair and a Superman shirt underneath his button-down, which he showed off in photographs, the man is Kent.

In more pressing news, we’ve been sweating for two hours now, and we might have to go to the emergency room to get some more fluids in our system, so that’s why we feel like we need to guide you through this moment.

Below are the emotions you will quickly go through, and we want you to know that we fully support you along the way.

1. Denial

No I’m sorry this isn’t real, like this is all digitally augmented and this didn’t really happen. This is fake news. I’m hallucinating. I feel faint. This just is too good to be real, this didn’t happen. He’s not speaking French in that video, it’s all fake and I need to go see a doctor.

2. Shock

Oh... my god. No, this really happened. Trudeau, peering into our own fantasies, really did go as Clark Kent.

That’s really him. The prime minister of Canada as Clark Kent.


He’s speaking French, and suddenly we are booking a trip to Canada.

Dean Cain who? Sorry we do not recall and cannot even begin to care right now.

3. Despair

Not to be picky or rude, but how in the ever-living shit can their leader look and act like this, while ours... doesn’t look and act like this?

This isn’t right.


4. Acceptance

OK, you know what? It’s fine. It’s fine! It’s great. They deserve this. They’re very nice and, you know what, one day we will have someone in our lives who looks likes this and comes up with a costume that is both appropriate for the office and also great.

5. Ecstasy

There is good in this world, and Trudeau is helping it shine through. Later in the day, he went trick-or-treating with his children.


Feeling better now? Good. We thought you would.