Gary Johnson Poll Numbers: 5 Percent of the Vote Will be a Win for Libertarians


"They don't understand how we feel."

"I don't want the blood of America on my hands, so I voted Libertarian."

"I voted straight ticket - Libertarian. If their wasn't an LP candidate, I abstained."

These comments were made to me by various voters standing in line with me today at 12:15 pm . I was the youngest of the folks that I spoke with at the tender age of 37. Typically speaking, when the older voters turnout, they do so for the GOP nominee. So, the quiet line in which I stood for 20 minutes certainly seemed to be voting red, as is typical in the GOP-centric state of Indiana.

Admittedly, I was bothered by the fact that so many people were obviously voting for a duopoly candidate. Only, something happened when I stepped out of the voting booth. As I made my way to the exit and outside, we all kind of chatted spontaneously. What I found out left me in awe. Of the two people in front and behind me, including myself, none of us voted for a duopoly candidate. Let me say that again because it made my day — five strangers quietly stood in line for 20 minutes and all voted Libertarian. Every single one of us. What are the odds of that happening in red Indiana? I don't know, but I'd venture you have just about as good a shot of winning the Powerball.

In Ohio, 1.7 million absentee ballots were ordered. The breakdown was 29% Democrat and 23% Republican. That's barely half of the absentee ballots. So who is asking for the other 800,000 ballots? We'll find out, I suppose.

So I'm left to ponder a fairly obvious question? As media outlets contemplate whether the high turnout favors one of the duopoly candidates, I wonder if it favors third parties. It's possible that both of the main parties will combine for the same number of votes as normal, despite higher turnout. That would mean that for the first time in 30 years, third parties will have a significant voice in the American electoral process. No, we won't get a winner in this election, but getting 5% of the vote is the Libertarian goal. And for that reason, I believe high turnout favors us.

Attaining 5% ensures ballot access to all 50 states and DC in the next election and matching federal funds. These two checkpoints are huge in getting traction in the mainstream for a third party.

So, if you haven't voted yet, and you are still unsure for whom you will cast your vote later today, please consider a third party vote, specifically Gary Johnson as he has the best chance to get to 5%. Now get out there and get this done. Let's change this system once and for all!