Colorado Election Results LIVE: Polls Close at 9 pm


After what seems like an eternity, today the United States of America chooses a it leader for the next four years.  The election has been truly eye opening for many Americans, who realized in the past few months, just how dirty campaigns can be and just how dramatic some of the issues we face are.  While there are certain policies that will not change regardless of who is elected tonight, the people's choice for President will symbolically claim many things about what we a a populous believe.  Do we believe in government spending in times of crisis or do we place all of our faith in the private sector?  Do we believe in the welfare state or do we hold to the unwavering goodness of the free market?  The questions and more shall be answered very shortly.  One thing is certain, however: with unemployment remaining high and inequality growing, our President will have to make sure that the situation improves for the least among us.  Otherwise we may be looking at the first violent overthrow of government in this land since 1776.

Tonight I will be reporting from Colorado, an important swing state.  I will, of course, provide updates on the numbers for the Presidential election.  However, I will also keep you posted on the Colorado congressional race and the fate of amendments such as the legalization of marijuana.  I will also do my best to provide insight as to the implications of these local votes on the Presidential race.

Coverage will begin at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Refresh this page for live updates. Tune in to PolicyMic for all of our election coverage.



7:06pm -- Colorado Results remain elusive!  Romney is working his way up in electoral college votes.  The current count has him at 154 to Obama's 154. This could come right down to the wire!

7:33pm -- Huffington Post has Obama leading in Colorado 51.8% to Romney's 46.3%

7:44 -- Obama predicted to win Colorado!  Leading 51.8 to 46.3

8:39 -- Obama's margain narrows in Colorado50.6 to 47.3

8:41 -- Rep. Mike Coffman leads in the Colorado sixth 49.6 to 44.5.  See this article for the significance of this race.

8:51 -- With 36% of precincts reporting in Colorado Obama's lead remains a little over 3%.  50.6 to 47.4

9:09 -- Obama wining 244to 203.  Really winning. Not Charlie Sheen "Winning"

9:11 -- As of yet, it appears as though the House of Representatives will remain exactly the same for the next two years in Colorado.

9:21 -- Huff post is calling it!  Obama wins! 275 electoral college votes.