Obama Jokes and Romney Jokes: The Funniest Election Coverage on the Internet


In case you missed it, Obama teared up on Election Day eve: Just one more sign that we have all had enough of the campaign season. PolicyMic wants to help you turn your polling place frustrations into tears of joy with a few tips on the best comedic coverage of the election.

Here are the top three websites for the best, most presidential humor on Tuesday night.

1) Election coverage at The Onion

The writers at the Onion are going to be busy all Election Day generating comedic content to get you through the day.

At 2:00 p.m. EDT, the editors of The Onion called the election: "With six or more hours remaining before most polling locations close, The Onion is officially calling Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania for John Edwards, giving the former North Carolina senator 76 electoral votes and virtually assuring his election to the presidency."

Earlier in the day, The Onion reported Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan would spend his final day of the campaign “reminding homeless people they did this to themselves.”

2) Comedy Central’s  “Indecision”

Comedy Central has created the website Indecision to bring humor to the election.

The latest episode of “30 Seconds over Washington” highlights some pretty absurd campaign ads of the past and present in under 5 minutes.

Indecision Forever

Perhaps most important from Comedy Central today will be the election coverage by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert tonight.

You can live stream Stewart and Colbert by watching the videos below.

3) Elsewhere on the internet

Bad Lip Reading” has provided a pretty humorous retake of the presidential and vice presidential debates, with new sound put to the candidates' lip movements.

Do you have any tips for funny Election Day coverage? Post your favorite Election Day comedy sources below.

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