A Nintendo Switch Hulu app is coming — could Netflix or YouTube be next?

The Nintendo Switch lets you play the company’s latest Mario and Zelda games in your hands or on your TV. Now the gaming giant’s latest handheld device will support the video streaming app Hulu.

In a press release, Nintendo touted new game releases for the Switch, like Doom and Rocket League, arriving on Friday and Tuesday, respectively. Nintendo’s announcement buried the lede by tucking in at the bottom the launch of a Hulu on Switch: one of the device’s first video streaming apps.

Weirdly, Nintendo made no mention of what date exactly Switch owners can expect Hulu to arrive. The app also didn’t appear in the “coming soon” section of Nintendo’s eShop download store, only showing up the moment it was available.

Nintendo announcing Hulu’s arrival on the Switch is one of the earliest mentions of an official streaming solution on the console, but it’s not the first. In Japan, Switch owners received an app for NicoNico: a video-sharing site popular in Japan.

The lack of fanfare surrounding the Hulu app’s arrival on Nintendo’s Switch remains odd. Interestingly, the page Nintendo linked to in their press release lead to nowhere special when first announced. The page, now live, touts the free app along with what features you can access like cloud DVR and live television.

The launch of Hulu’s video app could open a floodgate of other applications, video streaming and otherwise, coming to Nintendo’s device. In an email response sent to Mic, Nintendo of America said regarding the arrival of other apps, “We have nothing to announce on this topic.” Which is unacceptable, as we need Stranger Things on the Switch asap.

Nov. 9, 2017, 2:15 p.m.: This story has been updated