Utah Election Results: LIVE Presidential Polls Have Romney Up By 45 Points

Utah is a firmly Republican state. 270 To Win reports that Utah has voted for a Democratic president only twice in its history, and Election Projection says it is considered the country’s third most conservative state. According Real Clear Politics polls, the most recent data reports that Mitt Romney is, unsurprisingly, leading President Obama by 45%.

Utah has 6 electoral votes and 4 congressional districts.

In the race for Senate, and “Old White Guy” lifetime achievement award, Orrin Hatch (R) is making a bid for his seventh and final term against Democrat, Scott Howell. Senator Hatch is polling 34% ahead of his challenger. Democrats are not anticipating a victory. If anything, there was concern that Senator Hatch wasn’t conservative enough, after longtime moderate Republican incumbent, Bob Bennett, lost to Tea Party candidate Mike Lee in 2010.

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