Illinois Election Results LIVE: Latest Exit Polls from Illinois


So! It is Tuesday, November 6, and the presidential race will be over soon. Will we see Michelle in a dress matching Obama's tie? Or will it be Ann in a sequined dress?

Up till now, projections say Obama will easily obtain 270 electoral votes, and end up winning a second term, if he wins where the polls currently show him winning.

With memes of confident Obama saying, "I bet they are having a great party in Illinois," let us see if his confidence is not just mere arrogance!

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7:54 PM: From CNN

The final curtain isn't likely to fall on this presidential election until the wee hours of Wednesday morning, but President Barack Obama's moment to exit the stage came more than 24 hours earlier.

With the imposing Iowa State Capitol looming over a soggy crowd that bore near-freezing temperatures in windswept Des Moines, Obama made his last major appearance of the 2012 campaign to urge the more than 20,000 supporters to maintain the enthusiasm that first catapulted him from a fresh-faced senator to presidential front-runner nearly five years ago.

Flanked by first lady Michelle Obama and rock star Bruce Springsteen, Obama's final bow came in the Hawkeye State as the clock approached midnight there, marking at long last the arrival of Election Day and the end of the president's last campaign -- 105 rallies after kicking off his re-election effort in Ohio and Virginia seven months prior.

To be sure, when Air Force One touched down in Obama's hometown of Chicago 60 minutes later, the president's role as a candidate was all but done.

Earlier Tuesday, he sat for nearly a dozen satellite interviews with local television stations in swing states, including two each in Iowa, Ohio and Florida -- states the president's campaign has particularly focused on. Markets in Nevada and Colorado also got interviews. And in the afternoon, the president sat for an additional six interviews in yet more battleground markets.

Meanwhile, the president also turned up at a campaign field office in Chicago on Tuesday to shake hands with volunteers.

7:37 PM From  CNN

 7:18 PM From Reuters: Polls are beginning to close on the East Coast in the United States on Tuesday as Obama fights for a second term in office against Republican Mitt Romney in what is expected to be a tight contest.

Nearly two in 10 new voters said that jobs are their No. 1 priority, compared with one in 10 among those who have voted in the past.

In the swing state of Ohio, about two-thirds of early voters chose Obama while the same proportion chose Romney on election day, according to the exit poll. Low-income voters in Ohio chose Obama by a two-to-one margin.