North Carolina Election Results LIVE: Romney Likely to Win in the Southern State


North Carolina is currently projecting Romney to win by 3 points, according to Politico. Most likely, the votes will be divided between city and rural areas as well as military bases, making for a scattered electorate. President Obama won the state back in 2008 and was the first Democrat to win the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976. However, the economy has not been doing well in North Carolina and many young voters are disillusioned by Obama.

 2.7 million ballots were cast absentee and early in North Carolina and in favor of the Democratic candidate, but voters are still flocking to the polls. Obama eked out candidate McCain in 2008, garnering just over 14,000 votes to push him over the edge to win. 

While the Obama campaign continued to push hard in North Carolina, right up to Election Day, the Romney camp has left all voting to its grassroots organizers.

An estimated 2 million more people are expected to vote today by the close of the polls at 7:30 p.m. tonight. The state is considered crucial given Obama’s narrow victory in 2008 and the vigorous campaigning conducted by both candidates throughout the 2012 campaign. 

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