‘People’ named Blake Shelton its sexiest man alive. Real people have some other thoughts.

We thought 2017 couldn’t get any more baffling, and yet here we are.

On Tuesday night, in a tweet laden with emojis, People magazine revealed that Blake Shelton, who’s best known for being a judge on The Voice and Gwen Stefani’s worst half, is its sexiest man alive.

In 2016 it was the Rock (a very good choice) and in 2015 it was David Beckham (a perfectly OK choice).

But in 2017, this was us:


The internet reacted similarly. Though of course Twitter is not unanimous about this decision, there were plenty of people who were, let’s just say, disappointed or confused.

Even the Rock put in his vote for sexiest man of 2017, and it was for the actor Richard Schiff. (A confusing choice, but you know what? It’s thought provoking.)

Naturally, other people started to throw their own — arguably better — choices for sexiest man out there too.

Idris Elba, for example, obviously.

Or Chris Hemsworth.

Or even Jeff Goldblum.

Or how about Jason Momoa?

And what about that cop with the dad bod on Stranger Things (also known as David Harbour)?

The people, disregarding People, have spoken.