Obama Wins Presidency. LIVE Updates from Battleground States, Key Veterans Races


Barack Obama has been re-elected. 


In the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are two hours left until the polls close. According to Real Clear Politics, President Barack Obama is enjoying the slimmest of margins over former Massachusets Governor Mitt Romney. Because of this, both campaigns are still making phone calls, knocking on doors and getting out the vote. These efforts are paying off in Virginia. Voter turnout in the Commonwealth is trending upward. For example, turnout in the town of Sterling, Virginia already has a higher turnout than 2008. 

In the state of Maryland, presidential politics are somewhat of an afterthought. Maryland has been a solid blue state in the past and continues to be. Two referrendums that are on the ballot are: the Maryland DREAM Act (children of tax-paying residents of Maryland will be charged in-state tuition for all Maryland community colleges, including illegal immigrants), and the legalization of gay marriage.

There are more veterans running for political office than we have seen for quite sometime.  With more veterans in Congress, hopefully more attention will be paid to veterans issues such as, disability, education,and Traumatic Brain Injury.  Some noteable veterans who are running for office are Tammy Duckworth in Illinois, Tulsi Gabbard in Hawaii,  Bill Nelson in Florida, and Richard Carmoda in Arizona.


PolicyMic will be covering the 2012 election LIVE, with updates from Maryland and Virginia and other races that involve Veterans throughout the country. For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.

LIVE UPDATE: 7:28 PM.  With less than one percent of the results in, Barack Obama is leading Mitt Romeny in Virginia 55.3%to 43.5%.  George Allen is leading Tim Kaine 56.6% to 43.4%.  Maryland's polls are still open and still crowded.

LIVE UPDATE:  7:33 PM.  Veteran candidates for US Senate Bill Nelson (D) of Florida and Josh Mandel (R) of Ohio's races are still too close to call.

LIVE UPDATE: 7:57 PM.  The Commonwealth of Virginia will not publish any results until at least 8:00 PM.  This is because, after polls close nearly an hour ago, there are people still in line waiting to vote.

LIVE UPDATE:  8:00 PM.  Bill Nelson expands his lead over his opponent, Connie Mack.  The margin is 59% for Nelson to 40% for Mack.

LIVE UPDATE: 8:02 PM.  Barack Obama is the projected winner in Maryland, Delaware, DC, and Massachusets (all places I have called home)

LIVE UPDATE:  8:05 PM. United States Senator and United States Army Veteran Bill Nelson is the projected winner in Florida.

LIVE UPDATE:  8:26 PM  In Maryland, with less than one percent of all precincts reporting, both the Maryland DREAM Act and Marriage Equality are ahead.

LIVE UPDATE:  8:54 PM  If you happen to be worried that Barack Obama is currently behind in the Electoral College, just think of this.....

LIVE UPDATE 9:06 PM.  Democratic Senatorial Candidate and Medal of Honor winner Bob Kerrey is losing to Republican Deb Fischer with two percent of the precincts reporting, 62% to 37%.

LIVE UPDATE 9:15 PM.  Stop me if you've heard this one before.  In Florida, there are only 193 votes seperating the two Presidential Candidates.

LIVE UPDATE 9:18 PM  NBC News is projecting that Barack Obama will win the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

LIVE UPDATE 9:26 PM.  In Maryland, both the Maryland Dream Act and Marriage Equality ballot initiatives are passing.......at the moment.

LIVE UPDATE  9:43 PM.  In Massachusets, Elizabeth Warren is now projected to win the Senate seat that was formerly Ted Kennedy's.

LIVE UPDATE  10:02 PM.  If the current trend in Florida holds (the margins are razor thin), a lot of political operatives in DC are going to be spending a lot of time tonight where they can get a strong cocktail and a good cup of coffee soon after.

LIVE UPDATE  10:20 PM.  Andria Bennet has won Delaware's 32nd District in the State House of Representatives.  Keep your eye on her as she has a bright political future.

LIVE UPDATE 10:33 PM.  Tammy Duckworth will become the first female combat veteran to be elected to Congress.  More on this later.

LIVE UPDATE  10:50 PM.  Virginia STILL has voters in line waiting.  State officials estimate voting will wrap up around 11:00 PM

LIVE UPDATE  10:54 PM.  BIG NEWS!  In Virginia, George Allen is currently giving his concession speech.  Tim Kaine will be United States Senator in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


LIVE UPDATE 11:47 PM.  The Maryland Dream Act has passed.  Children who are born of tax payers who live in Maryland are now entitled to in-state tuition rates for their pursuit of a higher education, regardless of their immigration status.

LIVE UPDATE  1:15 AM  Question 6 in Maryland has pass.  Same sex couples can now enjoy the same rights and benefits in marriage that hetrosexual couples do.