Alaska Election Results: LIVE Presidential Polls Have Romney Up By Nearly 60 Points

When Alaska was first incorporated as a state, it was mean to serve as a Democratic counterbalance to Republican Hawaii. As often happens, those intentions turned out to be exactly opposite in reality. Alaska is now one of the country’s most conservative states, while Hawaii is one of the most liberal. According to Electoral Vote, polls show that Mitt Romney is ahead by nearly 60%.

Alaska has 3 electoral votes and 1 congressional district.

With Governor Palin now retired from politics, Alaska’s general election isn’t nearly as colorful, especially with no national gubernatorial or Senate races this year. However, according to the Alaska Dispatch, 59 out of 60 of the state Senate seats are up for reelection because of the recent redistricting. Proposed oil tax breaks are the major issue at hand. According to Alaska Dispatch, currently business legislation is, “often determined by a unique bipartisan majority of six Republicans and 10 Democrats – an arrangement that’s disliked by many conservatives.” Tuesday’s results could change the balance of this fragile coalition, and determine the future of fossil fuel policy in Alaska.  

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