What Melania Trump wore her 43rd week as first lady — in Alaska and... nowhere else

After a whirlwind trip in Asia last week, Melania Trump decided to lay low, making just one appearance in Alaska.

The event too was casual, so we didn’t get a real stunner, but at least we did get something.

This is what she wore:

Friday, Nov. 10: A utilitarian look for Alaska

Mark Thiessen/AP

For meeting with children and families at a military base in Anchorage, Alaska, Trump wore a Ralph Lauren puffer coat, J Brand pants and, as is her ritual, Louboutin shoes.

For this occasion though, they were sturdy Louboutin boots rather than stilettos. There was a marigold turtleneck peeking out underneath this look too that’s yet to be identified.

Mark Thiessen/AP

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