Wisconsin 2012 Election Results: LIVE Updates on Wisconsin Senate, Presidential Race


Wisconsin will once again serve as a swing state in this year’s presidential election. President Obama won by a 14-point margin in the 2008 election, but Wisconsin Republicans are hoping that having native son U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan on the ticket will bolster their chances for a Romney/Ryan victory in the state. Most polls leading into Election Day showed President Obama ahead by between 1 to 7 points; Rasmussen had the race in a dead heat, with both Governor Romney and President Obama polling at 49 percent. Wisconsin has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1984, when their electoral votes went to incumbent president Ronald Reagan.

The presidential race isn’t the only close contest in Wisconsin today. In the U.S. Senate race between former governor Tommy Thompson and Democratic U.S. Rep Tammy Baldwin, recent polls show Baldwin leading by just over four points last, which is just outside the margin of error. Previous MU polls had each of the candidates leading while still within the margin of error, so the U.S. Senate seat is truly up for grabs today. All eight Wisconsin members of the U.S. House are also being voted on today.

In the state legislature, Wisconsin Democrats hope to hold onto the slim majority they have held since this year’s recall elections. Democrats currently have a 17-15 lead in the Wisconsin State Senate, but they fill 10 of the 16 spots open today. While all 99 seats are open in the Wisconsin State Assembly, Republicans currently enjoy a 59-39-1 majority and are not expected to lose their control.

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UPDATE 10:20 PM It's TIME!! MSNBC and CNN call the whole ball of wax for Obama. Four more years! 

10:01 PM One of my favorite feminist bloggers just called it "Senate Christmas." Murdouck, McCaskill, Warren, Kaine, Baldwin. I think it's time to bring in a modified Carleton. Of course, the real Carleton will be saved for later in the game.

9:52 PM Incumbent Republican Reid Ribble will win WI-8 House seat. It seems like there might be few surprises in Wisconsin tonight. 

9:39 PM As expected, Democrat Marc Pocan has won the WI-2 seat, which was Tammy Baldwin's seat. WI-2 is a Democratic stronghold which includes Madison.

9:17 PM Fox News is also reporting that Wisconsin's ten electoral votes will go to Obama. 17% precincts reporting, Obama is down 43% to Romneys 56%, but the remaining districts are expected to skew for President Obama.

9:12 PM Two House Seats have come in. Incumbents win in WI - 5 and WI - 6, with Jim Sensenbrenner and Tom Petri retaining their seats, respectively. 


8:45 PM With only 5% reporting, and Romney ahead 56% to 43%, MSNBC is calling Wisconsin for President Obama. CNN is reporting it's too close to call. Stay tuned!

8:26 PM The AP reports that U.S. Rep Tammy Baldwin will now go by Senator-Elect Tammy Baldwin. A longtime Madison favorite, Baldwin will be the first openly gay female Senator in the country. She will also be a majorly vocal BAMF when it comes to women's health.

8:20 PM This is what I picture when I think of Paul Ryan shaking hands on the campaign trail. P90X pays off, my friends.

8:00 PM The polls have closed in Wisconsin! CNN's currently discussing Paul Ryan's favorability is 51%, while 42% find him unfavorable. Will having a native son on the ticket sway Wisconsin? 

7:48 PM No Will.I.Am holograms yet, but most seem to be in agreement that CNN is still the best MSM whipping boy:

7:42 PM Despite rain and snow, 70 percent of eligible voters are expected to exercise their right to vote today, according to the Government Accountability Board.

7:38 PM It wouldn't be election night without reports of glitchy voting machines and potential electoral fraud! Both conservative and liberal areas in Wisconsin have reported deficient machines today. The reported issues were able to be dealt with onsite, which means delays in poll reports aren't suspected.

7:35 PM Exit polls out of Wisconsin show that voters are disillusioned by the high unemployment numbers nationwide. About half blamed President Bush for our current economic troubles, while four of 10 blamed President Obama.

7:03 PM Women have been strongly courted by both sides this year - who among has can forget Ann Romney's RNC speech where she yelled, "I love you women!" While female voters will certainly be a major factor in both national and state races, female candidates have also had a landmark year. Here's a great article on the rise of female candidates, including U.S. Rep Tammy Baldwin, from PolicyMic pundit Alexandra Zimmerman.