North Dakota Election Results 2012: LIVE Presidential Polls Have Romney Up By 18 Points

Recent polls from Real Clear Politics show that Mitt Romney is likely to win in North Dakota by nearly 18%. According to 270 To Win, the state’s population has not changed much since 1920 and neither have its politics. North Dakota has voted for a Republican president in 24 out of the 30 elections it has participated in. Expect this state’s (Constitutional bare minimum) three electoral votes to go to former Governor Romney.

North Dakota has 3 electoral votes and 1 congressional district.

The North Dakota Senate race polls show incumbent, Rick Berg (R) to be ahead by nearly 6% but the race is tight. PolicyMic's Mike Luciano says that, “The Republicans should be able to pick up this seat with retirement of Kent Conrad (D). First-term Congressman Rick Berg (R) is the favorite here, but Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp (D) has been polling surprisingly well. Berg should win, but a Heitkamp victory shouldn't shock anyone.”

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