Arizona Election Results LIVE: Richard Carmona vs Jeff Flake in Battle for the Senate

ByBlake Bennett

While the race for Arizona's 11 electoral votes will not be much of a contest between President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, there will be plenty of elections to keep an eye on. The Senate race between Democrat Richard Carmona and Republican Jeff Flake has seen millions of dollars flow into the state over the last couple of months. 

Television viewers have been bombarded with attack ads blasting from both sides. This race could potentially determine the balance of power in the Senate. If Carmona wins, he will be he first Democrat to win a senate race in the state since Dennis DeConcini in 1988. If Carmona emerges as the winner he will need to win over the state's independent voters and receive significant crossover support from Republicans. Stay tuned throughout the evening for analysis of the senate race, as well as Congressional and local races throughout the Grand Canyon State. 

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NBC News Projects Jeff Flake defeats Richard Carmona


McSally pulls within 3,000 votes in Congressional race with Barber

9:15 Pres. Obama reelected President of The United States

8:43 Voters have turned down a proposition to create a top-two primary election system (CA system).

NBC News projects Mitt Romney wins the state of Arizona

8:24 Congressmen Paul Gosar, David Schweikert, Raul Grijalva, Ed Pastor and Trent Franks are headed toward victories.

Former Rep. Matt Salmon is cruising in his District 5 race against Spencer Morgan. Salmon served in Congress before losing to Janet Napolitano in the 2002 governor's race.

Ron Barber is slightly ahead of Marthy McSally in District 2.

Jonathan Paton is slightly ahead of Ann Kirkpatrick in District 1.

8:16 Theese state races are uncontested:

State Senate - District 2

8:04 First Arizona Returns just in: Romney leads obama 50-48, Carmona leads Flake49-46, and AZ1 is tied


Businesses in Arizona were offering discounts for voters today.

Some were offering half-price appetizers and dinner discounts, for example, for customers wearing an “I Voted” sticker.



Will Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson tip the election in any states?

He's expected to draw as much as 7 percent of the vote in Arizona.

A Fox News poll indicated the former New Mexico governor has solid support in Arizona.

Romney is expected to win Arizona, but with Johnson, a former Republican on the ballot, his margin over President Obama might be closer than expected.

6:46 Critics of Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio think there's an outside chance he will lose tonight in his re-election bid.Arpaio, the so-called Toughest Sheriff in America, is facing a lively challenge from Democrat Paul Penzone. The sheriff has a huge re-election war chest, so it will be hard for his challenger to win.

6:40 Polls close in Arizona in 20 minutes.

6:22A number of voters in Pima County are finding their names missing from voter registeration rolls.

KOLD News 13 and the Arizona Daily Star say many were given provisional ballots after finding their were not registered.roster.

Brad Nelson, Pima County Elections Director, said the number was more than he's seen in previous years.

Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez told the newspaper some ases can be explained by people who changed their addresses after the rosters were printed. 

She said people who had to vote by provisional ballot can rest assured that their ballots will be counted.


Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords voted Monday and has been campaigning for former staffer Ron Barber, who is running for a full term. Many are watching Giffords' recvery closely. If she comes back to politics, some wonder if she'll run for John McCain's Senate seat in 2016. Her husband, former astronaut ark Kelly, also would be a prospect.