Early Exit Polls: 60 Percent of Voters Say Economy is the Top Issue


Before the actual election results are certified, exit polls are our best indication of how the election may turnout. As expected, CBS exit polls show that 60% of voters believe that the economy is the top issue with close to 75% of voters saying that the economy is in bad condition. Thirty-nine percent of voters said that they believe the economy is getting better, 31% said that economy is worsening, and 28% said it was staying the same. Among Obama and Romney supporters, around 75% of Obama voters believe the economy is improving, while approximately 59% of Romney’s support say it is getting worse.

In the important swing state Florida, CNN exit poll data shows that 49% of voters believe that Obama is best fit to handle the economy, while 47% think Romney would be the better option. Demographically, Florida voters are 67% White, 16% Hispanic, 13% Black, and 1% Asian. Also, one in five Florida voters decided late in the campaign which candidate they would support.

In Ohio, there is also an even split on who is best fit in the economy. About half of those who voted say that at least some part of the health care law should be removed. Like Florida, around 30% of the Ohio electorate decided their vote in the last two months of the election.

In Virginia, CNN shows that the electorate is very evenly divided on all the issues. In terms of likeability of Obama and Romney with regards to health care, opinion is split.

According to CNN, the total millennial voter turnout is 18%, which is the exact same as 2008. The African-American turnout is also projected to be greater than in 2008. This is a plus for the Obama campaign as the youth vote is projected to heavily favor the president. 

Nationally CBS exit polls show that 8% of the electorate made up their minds in the last week of the campaigns. Similarly, this very slim margin of undecided voters may sway the election in any or all of the swing states. 

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