Who Won Wisconsin: President Obama Wins Swing State Claiming 10 Electoral Votes


Wisconsin has been called by Fox News for President Obama. This key swing state holds 10 Electoral College votes and is the home-state of Governor Romney's vice presidential running-mate Paul Ryan. Unfortunately though Paul Ryan wasn't enough to help carry Wisconsin for Governor Romney. A lot of this though, isn't Ryan's fault.

Governor Romney may have picked Paul Ryan because he thought Ryan would give him a one up in Wisconsin, but that strategy fell apart tonight. The problem for Romney was that he never really engaged Wisconsin, and he hoped that Ryan would pull the state into his column with no other help. Well that didn't work; +10 for Obama.

With the Wisconsin loss, Governor Romney has lost his vice president running mate's home state as well as his own home state of Michigan. Those are two huge blows, though it doesn't spell the end for Governor Romney. The biggest states including Florida, Virginia, and Ohio have yet to be called. In reality now Romney's only hope is to win Ohio. Without Ohio, it becomes near impossible for Romney to become the next President of the United States.

Stay tuned!