Tammy Baldwin Wins: Wisconsin Elects First Openly Lesbian Senator


The Associated Press has called the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race for U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin. Baldwin, a longtime Madison favorite. Baldwin will be the first openly lesbian Senator in U.S. history. She will succeed four-term Democratic Senator Herb Kohl.  

Baldwin was unopposed in the Democratic primary, which allowed her to prep and save her money for what turned out to be a difficult race against former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. While recent polls suggested that the race was tightening, Baldwin edged ahead late in the game by drawing the support of Independent voters. 

A member of the House of Representatives, Baldwin served as a Member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, the Subcommittee on Environment and Energy, and the Subcommittee on Health. Baldwin is an outspoken leader when it comes to issues of women's health and in 2002, she was one of 133 House members who voted against the Invasion of Iraq.

Baldwin is truly a progressive hero in Wisconsin, and her ability to work across party lines will be the House's loss and the Senate's gain.