Michigan Election Results: Romney Loses to Incumbent President


CNN seemed surprised, but it was envitable: Obama took the Wolverine State, handily taking the state Romney was born and raised in (in addition to his home state of Massachusetts). 

The results in Michigan came back pretty typical. The usual areas went blue and red as we have seen in past elections.

source: Huffington Post


Michigan, like fellow swing state Ohio, is divided politically pretty decisively by region. Southeast Michigan, containing the Detroit metro area went predictably blue. 

However, I was a bit surprised at the margin by which Obama took affulent Oakland County (53% to 45%). In statewide elections, Oakland County is counted on as a Republican stronghold. At the same time, the county is also where many auto and manufacturing executives reside. Romney's staunch opposition to the auto bailout certainly did him no favors in the most densely populated county in the state. 

It is impossible to not sound utterly bored at the outcome of the presidential election. Looking ahead, when all of the state election results come in, I anticipating seeing some very interesting patterns that will tell what lies ahead in the next four years.