Who Won the Massachsetts Senate Race: Elizabeth Warren Wins Win Over Scott Brown


The early exit polls results are in: Elizabeth Warren is poised to become the first female Senator from Massachusetts. According to the polling coming out of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which sent surveyors across state on election Tuesday to determine their results, Warren is leading where it counts.

First, Brown and Warren are in a dead heat among male voters, which 50% of men split down the middle. However, Warren is crushing the incumbent among women, leading 60% to 40% among this crucial constituency. Since women tend to turn out at higher rates than men, her lead within this group is staggering.

Perhaps more notable is the Harvard professor’s lead among 18 to 29 year olds. While Brown is receiving almost 35% of these voters, Warren is miles ahead with just below 65% of young people. Amazingly, Warren is even leading with voters 65 and older by 2 points.

By far the most interesting bit of polling news is that Elizabeth Warren is leading Scott Brown among voters who say they voted for Brown in 2010, revealing just how weak the Democratic candidate from that year was.

Voters say their most issue, unsurprisingly is, the economy. However, equal pay and abortion rights rank very high among Warren voters, possibly explaining her huge lead among women.

Follow along with UMass as more polling results from Massachusetts are released.