Who is Winning the Election: Obama Will Win and Gary Johnson Will Receive One Percent


It is 10:00 p.m. ET, and the election is essentially over. Obama has Ohio and probably Florida/Colorado/Wisconsin in the bag. He is going to cross over 300 electoral votes (313 most likely) and win re-election. The networks want you to keep watching, so they won't spill the beans just yet. But trust me, it's over.

Sadly, Gary Johnson is going to finish the night with around 1% of the vote. This is a devastating blow to the hopes of those of us that wanted to impact change by getting a third party onto all 50 ballots in 2016, and some 10 million dollars for Johnson in 2016. Why couldn't we get 5%? It's easy really. GOP voters that supported Ron Paul voted for Mitt Romney. Other GOP voters, who really didn't like Romney, also voted for him. They thought they could win it.

Sadly, they couldn't. They can't blame Johnson voters either. One percent nationally would not be anywhere near enough to turn the election. Obama was always going to win this election. So rather than taking the chance to get some real change in place for 2016, Republicans wasted their votes on a candidate that couldn't win.

When will we learn? Maybe never. Don't give up on Gary Johnson though. He is going to run in 2016 for the Libertarian Party once again. Maybe we can get enough support over the next four years to get a third party on the 2020 ballots.