Who Won Georgia: Mitt Romney Wins Georgia But Democrats Win in Congressional Districts


Mitt Romney was announced as the winner in Georgia; but no one really doubted that the state would go red. Results started pouring in fairly quickly after the polls closed. Based on the unofficial county results with 157 of 159 counties either fully or partly reported, Romney has 56.34% of the vote compared to Obama’s 42.57%. Gary Johnson also managed to make a showing with 1.09% so far.

In terms of the congressional elections, in District 5, it was a blowout as expected. Incumbent John Lewis (D) received 88.05% to Howard Stopeck’s (R) 11.95%. District 12, after an early lead, Lee Anderson (R) was overtaken by John Barrow (D) who now has 55.02% of the vote.

As for the Charter School Amendment, despite the massive debate, the amendment will pass with 56.91% of the vote currently. Ultimately, the only race that was incredibly close was in District 12. Not many people are surprised by the outcome of the other items on the ballot.

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