These are our favorite travel stories from 2017

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Before you start dreaming about — and planning — your trips for 2018, take a look at some of our favorite travel reads. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to use your vacation days, tips on how to travel smarter, the latest hotel trends or the surprising history of beloved destinations, we have you covered.

Destination stories that will inspire your next great vacation

“No tent, no problem: These companies want you to go camping, but without any of the hassle”


Several new startups will help you find a campground and provide all the equipment, so all you have to do is show up for a night in the great outdoors.

“What to do, see and eat in Aarhus, the Danish city giving Copenhagen a run for its money”

Marc Lechanteur/Shutterstock

Copenhagen’s second city is Europe’s best-kept secret.

“Why is everyone traveling to Iceland?”

Roman Shatkhin/Shutterstock

All your Instagram friends are doing the same layover route. Instead, read our guide on how to see the real Iceland.

“A trip on the first-ever river cruise designed for millennials”

U by Uniworld

Cruising has a bad reputation. This company is hoping pajama parties, free Wi-Fi and ultra-active excursions can entice young travelers to give cruising a shot.

“How-to” guides worth bookmarking

“A germaphobe’s guide to airports and airplanes”

Tri Vo/Mic

To bypass germs at security all the way to the airplane bathroom, here are some tried-and-true ways to avoid getting sick on a trip.

“Can an app cure a lifelong fear of flying? One anxious traveler put it to the test.”

Jakob Owens/StockSnap

We asked one nervous flyer to skip the drugs and test an app that promises to reduce plane anxiety.

“The 7 rules of Tindering while traveling”

Tri Vo/Mic

Dating apps are an overlooked way to connect with locals. Here’s what you need to know before you swipe abroad.

“A beginner’s guide to maximizing travel points and miles for your next vacation”

Tri Vo/Mic

A few easy steps, like getting a mileage account and picking an alliance, can put you on the right track for upgrades and free trips.

Spotlights on the unsung heroes of the travel world

“The self-proclaimed “fat girl” combatting the stigma of traveling while fat, one selfie at a time”

Meet Annette Richmond, a stylist who started a movement to see herself represented in the world of travel.

“What it’s like to live and travel with an invisible disability”

Sunny Fitzgerald has to be hyperaware of her surroundings at all time, but she hasn’t let that stop her from traveling the world.

“He travels the world in a 400-lb. wheelchair — and he’s helping others with disabilities do the same”

John Morris is a 28-year-old triple amputee who has traveled to 29 countries and territories — and he chronicles it all for the sake of other wheelchair users.

Surprising discoveries you’ll need to visit in person

“The hidden feminist history of Nantucket’s grand mansions”

Tim Sackton/Flickr

The architecture in this New England destination has a surprising backstory.

“A brief history of the gayest places in America — and how they came to be”


From Palm Springs, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts, these locations evolved from small havens into some of the country’s most popular vacation spots.

“The ‘Top Chef’ Effect: How does the TV show impact tourism in its host cities?”


Locations pay a hefty price to attract Top Chef viewers, but does it pay off from a tourism perspective?

“Why do hotels still put a Bible in the nightstand?”

Joamir Salcedo/Mic

In a time when all religious texts can be found online, many hotels still have the Bible in every room.

“Monuments blur the line between memorial and tourist attraction — that’s why context is so important”

John Bazemore/AP

2017 was the year of problematic monuments. One writer looks at Stone Mountain, Georgia, one of the biggest Confederate monuments in the country.

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