Florida Latest Poll Results: Top 10 Tough Decisions Floridians Have to Make


Florida has not yet been called, and the latest results show Obama leading by a hair. But in fairness to Florida's indecision in the 2012 election (and all elections), just take a look at all the other tough decisions we Floridians have to make.

1. East Coast or West Coast?

2. Disney or Universal?

I mean, they both have a castle. How do you decide?!

3. Gators or Seminoles?

4. Surfboard or Wakeboard?

5. Orlando Magic or Miami Heat?

I guess most of us have that one figured out, too ...

6. Boxers or Briefs? ...What?! We struggle with this decision just as much as anyone!

7. Margarita or Corona?

Or ... both? That's creative!

8. Jimmy Buffet or Flo Rida? 

9. Bikinis or One-piece?

10. Obama or Romney?

Oh snap! Can I get my Corona Margarita now?!