It’s time to talk about Laura Dern’s earnest, sweet and spectacular Instagram

Things that warm our hearts: Pictures of highly underappreciated actresses snuggling with their dogs. Extremely good magazine covers. Extremely good pre-red-carpet pictures. Pictures of Oscar Isaac earnestly smiling. Pictures of John Boyega earnestly smiling. Pictures of Oscar Isaac and John Boyega snuggling. Videos of a mom freaking out about being on a talk show. Casual humblebrags.

Things that you will find on Laura Dern’s Instagram: all of the above.

Much like Oprah, Dern has one of those Instagrams that strikes us as pure and good and nice and sweet and worthy of a follow if only because it is unlike any other actress’ out there.

The pictures aren’t formal press pictures posted by some far-off assistant or paid #ads, but mostly taken on an iPhone with a shaky hand and posted because Dern wants her fans to know what she is up to. (And we do want to know.)

For instance, you can see Dern, shaking with excitement, taking a picture of this Springsteen poster.

The captions, too, are all Laura, with a particular mom-ish quality that is so genuine, caring and, yet again, pure.

Like, last week, Dern woke up to snow. So, she posted a picture of herself standing in the snow with: “Woke up to snow in NYC! Exciting!” Then she plugged her appearance on Good Morning America, because why not.

Before that, during a trip to Paris, she posted a picture of her dog with: “It’s great to be in Paris and yet miss your dog.”

We’re still recovering from that one.

Oh, and do not even get us started on the videos she’s posted talking to BB-8. We’ll be here all night. (But please watch them below.)

But anyway, what has been so pleasurable these past few weeks, scrolling through Dern’s Instagram, is seeing just how absolutely jazzed she is to be in Star Wars. No snarky quips about all the interviews she’s had to do here. Nope, just super-psyched dispatches from a fan.

When she debuted her own Lego Star Wars character a few months back, her caption was “Meet my lil friend. Honestly my proudest moment.”

Weirdly, that’s our proudest moment as well.

Even before this Star Wars stuff, which has brought us a bounty of new Oscar Isaac pics and therefore added at least 10 years to our lives, Dern’s Instagram was mighty. Going about her everyday life, traveling and hanging out with her kids in California, we’d get updates like, hey, Laura Dern just found a quirky pair of shoes at a store that are like pumps and rollerblades in one. Click!

Laura Dern is being touristy as hell in Paris and wants you to know it. Click!

Laura Dern is doing face masks in the car with her driver. Click!

Laura Dern wants to show you this damn painting she got to look like her beloved dog, Jamal. CLICK!

Laura Dern’s eating hot dogs with Justin Theroux. BIG CLICK!

Laura Dern’s drinking wine (an entire bottle, in fact) with Reese Witherspoon on the beach. Yet again: BIG CLICK!

You get the idea.

Dern flexes on all your throwback photos constantly, too, giving us everything from her Blue Velvet era to her time on Ellen to Jurassic Park.

Also, can we talk about this throwback picture of Dern with Isabella Rossellini?

I mean... it just rules. Everything about her Instagram rules and is a joy to appreciate on a near-daily basis. She is the least jaded celebrity on Earth.

On a social media app that has nearly everyone trying to look better and more famous and more gorgeous than everyone else, Laura Dern excels by being nice, earnest and just super-fucking stoked about being a famous person and a mom. God bless her.

Correction: Jan. 16, 2018