Connecticut Election Results: Chris Murphy Overcomes Linda McMahon


In the last 20 years, Connecticut has not had a Republican Senator and 2013 appears to be no different. On Tuesday, Connecticut voters chose Democrat U.S. Representative Chris Murphy over Republican WWE executive Linda McMahon. 

Despite a history of Democratic congressmen, Connecticut seemed to seriously consider McMahon at several points in this campaign. In September, it was revealed that Murphy had been sued for non-payment of his mortgage; McMahon milked it for all it was worth. While many voters were originally disgusted by the lack of family values in WWE, this reality began to blur as voters were reminded again and again via TV and mail of her rags-to-riches story. Despite his young age, Murphy is a well-seasoned politician who won his first election to the General Assembly at 25 and was prepared for the fight. Following a few McMahon wins in several statewide polls, Obama filmed the first and only TV commercial for a Senate candidate. The commercial combined with an appearance by Bill Clinton helped bring the election home for Murphy.

Murphy replaces former-Democrat-conveniently-Independent-arguably-Republican Joseph Lieberman as the next senator from Connecticut. Murphy will join Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal in the halls of Congress in 2013. Given the liberal nature of the state, it is likely the two will reign over Connecticut politics for the next 20-30 years as their predecessors before then.

So, for the next couple decades, what policy can we expect from our new junior senator?

Well, first, as potentially (increasingly less likely as pro-Obama exit polls come in…) the deciding vote on the repeal of the Obamacare health care law, Chris Murphy supports the Affordable Care Act. Socially, Murphy is in line with Congressional Democrats. He is pro-choice, pro-rational gun policy, pro-science (humans plays a role in climate change), pro-DREAM Act, and pro- same sex marriage. Fiscally, once again Murphy tows the Democratic line: let Bush tax cuts expire, end subsidies to oil companies, pro- federal spending to promote the economy, and anti-personal retirement accounts. In terms of foreign policy, Murphy voted against the most recent war spending bill and seems generally supportive, but not that vocal about current U.S. foreign policy.

Don't expect any big surprises.

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