Who is Winning North Carolina: Romney Will Win as Republicans Take the State


The networks are still refusing to call North Carolina, but we just elected our first Republican governor in 20 years and key congressional races have been favoring Republican candidates. It doesn’t seem possible at this stage for Obama to gain enough votes to carry the state.

It may not even matter as it appears that Obama is close to finishing off the electoral vote. With Pennsylvania called for Obama, as well as New Hampshire, all Obama needs is to take Ohio to put him over the top — and Obama is leading in Ohio.

Wake County is providing a substantial portion of Romney’s lead here in North Carolina. A curious county where I’m told all meaningful politics center around the school board. Obsessive is a word that comes to mind regarding Wake County’s school board who recently fired retired General Tony Tata in a very public and very embarrassing episode for the board. One of their members was soundly defeated in a bid for state Superintendent of Schools. Wake County doesn’t seem to understand that the rest of the state doesn’t want their brand of childish behavior directing our kid’s education.

An incumbent North Carolina candidate for the state Supreme Court appears to have lost his seat on the bench. Some have suggested the reason for his loss was connected to a twangy country song his campaign released suggesting that he was tough on crime. Apparently they didn’t realize voters actually understand the Supreme Court doesn’t try criminal cases. It’s usually not good to underestimate the intellect of voters, even in North Carolina.