Who Won New York: Barack Obama Wins the Solidly Blue State, As Expected

Post hHurricane Sandy, many feared nNew Yorkers may skip the vote and focus on recovery efforts. New Yorkers proved otherwise. In New York, voters made sure to castvote for Obama as their pick forin the 2012 presidential election.

Many New YorkersY’ers are still without proper shelter, electricity, or access to basic needs. Even then, it did not stop NYNew York residents from completing their civic duties.

The bBoard of eElections has been very cooperative with New Yorkers.  The board provided shuttle buses for voters to take them to polling sites and back. Also, last night, Governor Cuomo signed an Eexecutive Oorder which allowed voters who are residents of federally-declared disaster counties to be able to vote at any polling station other than their regular poll site.

Today, New Yorkers were inspiring and patient. In areas hit hard by Sandy, many voters had to wait in long lines because of the limited number of open polling sites. Also, this was the first election that new york state used an electronic ballot system. The mix of last minute rules and new voting machines made voting a time consuming task.

New Yorkers are moving forward and rebuilding after Sandy. Even though most knew Obama was a shoo-in for New York State, voters still actively took part and performed their civic duties.