Who Won the Election: In Pennsylvania, Obama and Bob Casy Tag Team for Wins

The results are in, and Barack Obama and Bob Casey win in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. 

With 84% reporting on Real Clear Politics, President Barack Obama wins the state's 20 electoral votes with 53.7% of the vote, moving him a step closer toward re-election. As of 11:15, the election was called for Obama by several news outlets.

The incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey, the son of namesake political leader, wins 55.5% over Republican candidate Tom Smith with 82%  reported. Earlier today, it was projected that Casey would hold a 5+ point lead.

Both the presidential and senatorial race in Pennsylvania were close with the U.S. race arguably being the most contested in the country. 

For Pennsylvania voters, the economy was the big issue in this election cycle. This could lead to other states like Ohio to lean blue with job creation being a major focus in this election.

Turnout was high with 70% of Pennsylvania's nearly 8.5 million voters at 7:05 p.m. this evening. Controversy emerged today with some voters turned away due to the state's newest voter identification law. Quite a stir today where electronic voting machines malfunctioned: where a voter's intended selection was incorrectly processed:

For the Romney and Smith Pennsylvania campaign, they may feel like this right now: