Obama Wins Reelection: Now, Back to Business As Usual

President Obama achieved a key victory tonight – Ohio.

At 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Obama is at 303 electoral votes, which makes it certain that the election tonight will be his.

It has been a tough campaign season for the president, and Mitt Romney has put up a stiff fight this election season. However, the president managed to clinch it, in what might be an underestimated victory for him.

Barack Obama has officially been re-elected, given another 4 years by the American people.

We are going to face challenges: the economy, foreign policy, and continuing to fight for a better tomorrow.It will not be easy, but we have to believe.

Coming from Canada's point of view, this is good news. Obama presents a responsible position to America's allies and that is going to continue.

The audacity to hope is alive. Here’s to 4 more years!