Who Won North Carolina: Romney Wins, But Obama Takes Majority of Other Major Swing States

North Carolina was considered to be a toss-up in the lead-up to Election 2012. Obama's grassroots efforts were able to get out the early vote, but lost significant ground on Election Day as Romney pulled through to win the state.

Over 4.4 million North Carolinians voted in the 2012 elections. What was a razor thin 14,000 vote win for President Obama and the Democrats in 2008 jumped across to a win for Romney in 2012.

And the Republicans did not just pull through major victories in the presidential vote. Pat McCrory (R) pulled through a decisive win in the gubernatorial race and the Republican Party maintained control of the state House and Senate.

Times will be changing in North Carolina when it comes to budget issues and higher education. McCrory is ready to get to work with plans for a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Bottom line: From state to national results, the Republicans took back the state of North Carolina.  Back red, but only by 95,000 votes.

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