Jake Paul caught rapping a racial slur — twice — in a newly leaked video


It’s not a great week for the Paul family’s YouTube dynasty.

Just a few days after prominent YouTuber Logan Paul faced a very vocal backlash for posting a video showing close-ups of what appeared to be a person who had died by suicide, his younger brother and fellow YouTuber Jake Paul is in some hot water of his own. Over the course of a minute-long video obtained by TMZ, Paul, while freestyle rapping, uses a racial slur on two separate occasions.

At the beginning of the video, he uses the phrase, “little-ass n*ggas.” Later, he says, “I whip it like my n*gga Richie Vetter/ he make the pussy so wet it gets wetter.”

The video was filmed in Palm Springs, California, the weekend of the Coachella music festival in April 2017, according to TMZ.

At another point in the newly leaked TMZ video, Paul — who has more than 12 million YouTube subscribers — raps the following.

“Got my Calvins on, call me Justin fucking Bieber/ I was at his house, that shit was like a beaver/ That shit was dammed. God damn.”

I don’t have a real reason for bringing that lyric up other than to let you soak in some more of Paul’s artistry.

Needless to say, the feedback on social media to the Paul family’s latest antics has not been great. Many people are expressing their frustration by tweeting with the hashtag #JakePaulIsOverParty.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Paul the Younger has found himself in trouble for problematic behavior. In November, two members of Paul’s “Team 10” incubator accused him of bullying behavior disguised as pranks.

Before that, in July, Paul found himself at the center of a neighborhood-wide campaign to expel him from his house after complaints that he was making life a “living hell” for his neighbors. Paul’s irksome behaviors included setting furniture on fire in his home’s backyard and allowing hordes of fans to gather outside his house to witness his antics firsthand.

Mic has reached out to Jake Paul for comment and will update with any response.