Election Results: Florida Will Likely Go to Obama


President Obama will occupy the White House for another four years. The Democrats have held the Senate and, indeed may make gains. Gay marriage has passed in Maryland, Maine, and Washington State.  

CNN has yet to make a projection; however, I am comfortable with calling Florida as a narrow victory for the president. Only Miami-Dade and Lee Counties have a major number of votes still out. Two weeks ago, this would have been inconceivable, with even liberal pollster Nate Silver predicted a Romney win in the state with a 2-1 probability. Despite a concerted effort at voter suppression during the early voting period and impossibly long lines at the polls, the persistence of the people of South Florida will hand the president the state's 29 electoral votes. 

Do not mistake my partisanship for ignorance: this is not the largest vote of confidence for the president.  But even this narrow victory shows that Floridians will not be bought by empty promises or large bank accounts. Nor will they back down from challenges to their constitutional rights. Florida will remain a swing state in the future. Quips about demographic leanings will come to naught.  

Floridians will reflect the diversity of opinion in the country and provide a flashpoint for issues to face in the next four years: immigration, gay rights, income inequality, and the educational acheivement gap.

I, for one, as a future resident of the Sunshine State, am proud. Thank you Florida for 29 votes for the future. Thank you Mr. President and here's to 4 more years.