Colorado Amendment 64 Passes: The First Step Towards Ending the War On Drugs


Colorado Amendment 64 has passed. Marijuana will be legal in Colorado as soon as Governor John Hickenlooper passes this amendment into law. The amendment passed by 53.7%.

This amendment passing is the first step towards ending the war on drugs. Obviously there are much greater problems with drug trafficking than the purchase of marijuana. But hopefully this will be the gateway drug (lol) that leads to the legalization of all drugs and the end of drug cartels wreaking havoc in Mexico.

Whenever a good becomes illegal, markets are driven underground. They then escape regulation and lead to violent means of keeping them afloat. Marijuana profits can now be kept in the U.S. and demand from Mexican cartels will go down as legal methods of attaining ganja become available. 

So three cheers for Colorado. Lets hope it is fully implemented.